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Customers Protocol


For the preparation of these Protocols, the different instructions and recommendations prepared by the Ministry of Health and the Health Authorities have been taken into account.

It is a document to which new information, recommendations or instructions will be incorporated, depending on the evolution of the virus.


If you have any symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing, etc.) that could be associated with COVID-19, you should not go to the Hotel and you have to contact the COVID-19 hotline in your Community or your primary care center provider and follow their instructions.


  • Guests staying at the Hotel Montreal will be informed and undertake to comply with and respect the rules of coexistence and use of the facilities in prevention of contagion by COVID-19.
  • These measures extend to all Guests, including minors, staying at the Hotel.
  • In the process of your reservation you will be informed and you will be asked to accept these rules.
  • Upon your arrival, you must sign the declaration for acceptance of the Norms and Measures implemented for COVID19.


  • Mandatory use of mask in common areas.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands frequently, being mandatory to use Hydroalcoholic Gel when accessing common areas (buffet restaurant, cafeteria, hall, lounges, swimming pool, terraces, etc.) You will find hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at various points in the Hotel.
  • Use the inside of the elbow to cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, or use disposable handkerchief and wash hands.
  • Respect social distancing with people outside your family or non-cohabitant.
  • In the common areas of the hotel, minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Avoid greetings with physical contact (hugs, kisses, etc.).
  • Avoid using other people’s equipment and devices as much as possible. If necessary, increase precautionary measures and, if possible, disinfect them before use. If this is not possible, wash your hands immediately after use.
  • Respect the capacity indicated in common areas, especially in those in which there is no physical control by the Hotel staff (elevator, lounges, etc.). You will find Posters indicating the capacity allowed in each Zone or Service.
  • Respect schedules and rules that have been established by the Hotel.
  • Respect the distances between people at public service points, such as Reception, Cafeteria, Dining Room, Elevator, etc.
  • Do not stay in the room during the cleaning or maintenance service.
  • Make work easier for cleaning staff.
  • If you begin to notice symptoms (fever, cough or respiratory distress), notify the Hotel Reception, take precautions for both social distancing and hygiene while you are in the Hotel; we will immediately contact a Valencian Community primary care doctor or telephone of attention for COVID-19.
  • In Spain, it is not necessary to take special precautions with animals or food to avoid this infection.
  • If the client does not comply with the rules formulated by the Hotel in terms of security and prevention against Covid-19, the Hotel may terminate the accommodation contract with said client immediately. Resolution of May 11, 2020, of the General Director of Tourism about the opening of establishments and provision of tourist services in the Valencian Community.


  • We have installed a protective screen on the counter.
  • In the reception area and common areas, we have installed disinfectant gel dispensers.
  • Sharing objects will be avoided and, if they do, they will be disinfected after use.
  • Brochures, magazines, newspapers and other common elements are dispensed with to prevent infections.
  • Distance markers to ensure minimum safety distance.
  • The POS is disinfected after each use.
  • Counter cleaning is done frequently.
  • Room keys are disinfected after each use and before being handed over to the guest.
  • The allocation of rooms is carried out guaranteeing hygienic disinfection measures.
  • The elevator will be used so that only the guests of the same room or family unit coincide.


  • The staff in the floors, cleaning and maintenance area do not agree to provide room service while the client remains inside, except for just cause.
  • In the area of floors and maintenance, our staff has the appropriate protective equipment, masks, gloves, etc.
  • Disposable cups in the bathroom are prioritized, non-essential items are removed.
    If you want something else in your room, ask to reception.
  • In the case of having to do a repair with the client inside, it is necessary that the client has the mask on.
  • Our laundry ensures and certifies the treatment of clothes at more than 60º and with disinfectant products.


  • We have installed Gel dispensers in the entrance and into the restaurant and cafeteria.
  • The dining room staff will assign your table for meal service.
  • An attempt is made to reduce manipulation and customer intervention to prevent the risk of contagion. There will be a buffet attended by the hotel staff provided with gloves and mask, so that the client will not intervene on the food.
  • For the use of the self-service beverage machines, the prior use of disinfectant gel is mandatory.
  • Commonly used elements and equipment such as cruet, salt, oil can, dispensers of drinks, sugar, etc. are replaced.
  • Wear the masks except when sitting.
  • Follow the path marked on the ground to access all areas of the buffet.
  • We have disposable and/or individual tablecloths.


  • Do not sit down in the same chair used by another customer until staff sanitize the space.
  • Wear masks except when sitting and when you cannot keep a safe distance.
  • There are QR codes to request drink and snack menu.
  • You can use the bar as long as you respect the safety distance from other customers.
  • At the Pool Bar, keep a safe distance and wait for the waiter to disinfect the occupied space.


  • Hours: From 09:00 to 21:00.
  • Limited capacity, according to current regulations of the health authorities. It is possible that the time of use and/or access will be limited to guarantee your safety. Cleaning and disinfection.
  • Chlorine and Ph parameters are regularly measured and adjusted in the pool, an automatic chlorination system and good filtration equipment are available, and the capacity is respected to comply with safety distances.
  • In the lounge area, the capacity is maintained to comply with safety distances. The outdoor areas are cleaned and disinfected, as well as the shower and sun loungers.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters with other users both in and out of the water.
  • The reservation of hammocks will not be allowed.
  • Disinfect your hands with hydrogel that you will find in the pool area before and after use.
  • It is mandatory to use a towel on the loungers and hammocks.
  • It is forbidden to move the pool furniture. Do not touch another customer’s furniture.
  • Minors must be under the control of their parents or adults.


  • Mandatory use of a mask in the elevator.
  • Capacity: occupants of the same room or family unit.


Emergencies: 112
Covid-19 Comunidad Valenciana: 900 300 555
Health Center: +34 964 73 98 73 / 964 73 98 75
Local Police: +34 964 30 35 00
Civil Guard: +34 964 30 00 67
Civil Protection: +34 964 25 20 00
Firefighters: +34 964 35 96 06


The management is responsible for managing any incident that occurs in the establishment.


Information to clients must be provided by the health authorities, in agreement with the hotel management and tour operators, if necessary.

The Hotel Montreal reserves the right to modify schedules and services to comply with current regulations.