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A fundamental service in our Hotel is dining, understanding that satisfaction and client-loyalty depends on it.

We take much care of our traditional Buffet which consist in a large variety of regional and Mediterranean meals.


  • “FOOD INTOLERANCES” Being the BUFFET Dining Service, we ask that if you suffer from any Food intolerance, indicate it at the time of making your reservation. We have a personalized Meal Plan for Celiac Clients (gluten-free) and other food intolerances.
  • If you need a special diet please accentuate it with your reservation.
  • We also offer a Diet corner, forget any concerns if you have to control diabetes or diet.
  • Our Buffet opens from 1st of June until the last day of September
    (And according Hotel’s occupation)
  • Buffet Breakfast throughout the entire season.
  • Pic-nic Service. Picnics will be available from 9:15 a.m.

Dining-Room opening hours:
Breakfast from 08.30h to 10.30h.
Lunch from 14.00h to 15.30h.
Dinner from 21.00h to 22.30h.

Please take note: Spain has quite late Lunch and Dinner habits