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COVID-19 Reservation Conditions Annex


  • These general conditions must be accepted by the Client before formalizing the reservation.
  • The Pre-Reservation on-line or by telephone is only informative, its purpose is to inform the Client of the availability of hotel rooms.
  • Before confirming the reservation, the Client is aware of the existence of certain restrictions in the hotel in relation to services that may not be available during the stay or regarding the restricted use of some areas of the hotel. These restrictions are due to the current situation of Covid-19 and the limitations established by the Health Authorities and the Government.
  • The Client will receive an e-mail confirming the Reservation, so it will only be firm once confirmed by the Montreal Hotel after payment of the reservation by the Client.
  • The Client must verify the reservation confirmation and notify the Hotel of any errors by e-mail.
  • To comply with the protocols ordered by the Valencian Government and the various Administrations due to the Covid-19 pandemic regarding protection and prevention, we inform you:
  • All confirmed Reservations must provide the data of all the people who will stay at the Hotel: Name, ID, Date of birth, Address, Email and Mobile phone.
  • You must accept a self-responsible declaration of committing yourself to comply with the rules and use of the Hotel’s facilities, which will be signed upon arrival.
  • In the Hotel, you can find all the information related to capacity, social distancing, dining room service, activities, etc.
  • Under no circumstances may it be a reason for a claim if, due to Covid-19, we cannot offer or must limit any of the Hotel’s services.


  • Hotel Montreal reserves the option of offering to change the dates of your reservation if the situation requires it.
  • For all cases:

  • If at the date of your stay the authorities do not allow us to open or if we have to close for any reason or if before your arrival a state of alarm is decreed that does not allow you to come to our Hotel, you can change the date of the reservation or cancel it for free.
  • If you are affected by Covid-19, you can change the date of the reservation or cancel it free by presenting a receipt a MEDICAL proof of it. Without proof in case of CANCELLATION, the reservation deposit will not be returned.
  • Each client is responsible for knowing if he/her meets the requirements to stay at our Hotel and in no case will be right to claim.
  • Wishing this situation to normalize soon, we do all we can to welcome you back to our hotel.

These published Booking Conditions may vary depending on the regulations established by the Government and the Health Authorities.