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General Information


Your Safety is our Safety.

These measures will be applied based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and constitute an adaptable guide.

We have implemented additional measures to guarantee the safety of our Clients and Employees.

We have created a protocol for Clients and another for Hotel Employees.


  • Before the opening, we will perform a disinfection of all areas of the hotel, both exterior and interior.
  • We have cleaned and disinfected all the Hotel air conditioning filters.


  • Our Team has carried out a training plan created by the Hotel to comply with the safety and hygiene protocols following the measures established by the WHO and the health authorities in the Good Practice Guide of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, applicable to establishments and workers of the tourism sector.
  • Hygiene measures established in all employee work areas have been reinforced, gloves, masks and hydro-alcoholic gel are available to them.
  • 2 times a day, measurements of the temperature of each employee will be made.
  • For various functions, the use of gloves and the frequent disinfection of the hands with hydro-alcoholic gel is mandatory.
  • Maintaining a safe distance in the staff meal area, meal shifts by departments.
  • Access through the main door of the hotel.


  • Upon arrival at the hotel, a voluntary temperature control will be carried out on guests who request it.
  • We have marked the safety distance.
  • We have installed a security screen.
  • We have disinfectant gel on the counter.
  • Whenever there is an exchange of objects between the client and the hotel worker, a hand disinfection will be carried out.
  • Objects such as pens, room keys, etc. will be disinfected.
  • Signage with communication protocols. We inform and deliver basic information about prevention and rules for the correct use of the facilities to all clients.
  • We have product for the disinfection of suitcases.


  • Exceptional cleaning and disinfection protocols have been established for the rooms after the guests’ departure, paying special attention to items of frequent contact such as doorknobs, television controls, AC, etc.
  • All rooms will be ventilated after the clients departure.
  • Frequently used elements such as TV, AA, telephone controls, etc., will be isolated by means of a plastic sleeve.
  • It is recommended to keep the air conditioning at an ambient temperature between 23 – 26ºC, ensuring sufficient air renewal. We recommend using the fan and ventilating the room by opening the terrace door.
  • Our laundry certifies the treatment of clothes at more than 60º and with disinfectant products.
  • Room cleaning is not performed while the client is inside the room.
  • We disinfect the gloves with hydro-alcoholic gel after each room cleaning.
  • We use disposable cloths for every client checkout.
  • Repairs in the rooms will be carried out without the presence of the client. If this is not possible, we maintain a safety distance of 1.5m at all times and a mandatory mask. We disinfect all the areas in which there has been intervention.
  • We have removed the expendable items.
  • Minibar and other items are on request.


  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of common areas, reception desk, elevator, doors, bathrooms, etc. has increased.
  • We have installed hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers at the entrance and at various points of the Hotel.
  • We will keep the doors and windows open as much as possible for proper ventilation.
  • We have installed pedal bins in different parts of the Hotel for your disposable material (tissues, masks, etc.).
  • Frequently used elements such as TV controls will be isolated by a plastic sheath.
  • We reduce capacity, including in the elevator.
  • We have indicated the areas with preventive advice posters.


  • Each room has a table reserved for every day of stay.
  • We have reduced the number of tables in the restaurant to ensure separation between tables.
  • All of our tablecloths and napkins will be single-use.
  • It will be mandatory for customers to use hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance of the dining room.
  • In the Buffet, we have modified the food in individual format.
  • The non-individual buffet will be placed in the dining room by our staff. Customers do not have direct access to food but can see what food they are going to choose and order.
  • We remove the bread from the Buffet and serve it at the table.
  • The fruit and desserts are presented in individual format.
  • All the dining room and kitchen staff work with gloves and mask.
  • We have marked minimum clearances, so that the safety distance is respected.
  • There are single doses of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on the tables.
  • We sanitize the drink cards for each table.
  • We carry out a control of the dishwashing temperature (>80º)
  • Drinks menu in QR code.
  • Room Service. Adequacy of the offer and protocol with the client.


  • Hours: From 09:00 to 21:00.
  • The virus is not spread by swimming pool water, as long as it is well treated.
  • We have reduced the number of sunbeds in order to maintain the mandatory safety distance between our clients. 1.5m (family unit groups).
  • Limited capacity, according to current regulations of the health authorities. It is possible that the time of use and/or access will be limited to guarantee your safety. Cleaning and disinfection.
  • Chlorine and Ph parameters are regularly measured and adjusted in the pool, an automatic chlorination system and good filtration equipment are available, and the capacity is respected to comply with safety distances.
  • In the lounge area, the capacity is maintained to comply with safety distances. The outdoor areas are cleaned and disinfected, as well as the shower and sun loungers.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 meters with other users both in and out of the water.
  • The reservation of hammocks will not be allowed.
  • Disinfect your hands with hydrogel that you will find in the pool area before and after use.
  • It is mandatory to use a towel on the loungers and hammocks.
  • It is forbidden to move the pool furniture. Do not touch another customer’s furniture.
  • Minors must be under the control of their parents or adults.


  • Access to games/toys is only allowed after hand disinfection by each Client.
  • Animation Service: animation activities have been reduced to comply with protection measures, especially safety distances and reduction of material handling. The instructions of the animators must be followed and the schedules respected.
  • These published Norms and Protocols may vary depending on the development and application of the regulations established by the Government and the Health Authorities.

As a CLIENT, you agree to comply with the established distancing measures, as well as the use of the means that are considered mandatory or recommended during your stay at our Hotel, both by law and by the Hotel’s own protocol.

As CLIENT, you assume all the consequences of your non-compliance in terms of preventive measures, being informed that said non-compliance may lead to the immediate termination of your accommodation contract, canceling your stay without the right to any refund.

That all these measures have been incorporated into the internal regulations of the Hotel Montreal, as well as its RIGHT OF ADMISSION. In the event of non-compliance, and under the protection of applicable regional regulations, the Hotel Montreal reserves the right to terminate your stay in advance.

All the obligations and consequences derived from compliance with the security measures extend to all persons, including minors, who are part of the family unit staying at the Hotel Montreal.


If you start to have symptoms compatible with the disease (cough, fever, feeling of shortness of breath, etc.) and you have traveled to a risk area or have been in contact with a sick person, you must notify the services health or to the telephone available in the Valencian Community or health center.

At the first signs of symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 disease (fever, cough or respiratory distress):

Self-isolate the affected and the cohabitants. Undergo a medical evaluation.

Inform the reception by phone.

Putting on a surgical mask when you have respiratory symptoms is the first measure of protection for others.


To access cleaning or repair rooms with clients with symptoms compatible with COVID-19 who must remain inside, the maintenance staff will protect themselves with the protective equipment established by the prevention service, which will be discarded at the exit of the room. The client must wear the mask while the worker remains in the room.